Dixie Ford, Co-Chair
97 Noel Townsend Rd
Seminary, MS 39479
Bea Cox, Co-Chair
615 S Leflore Ave
Cleveland, MS 38732
The information on this page will help you understand the importance of our support. We are so fortunate to have a Burn Hospital in Mississippi, but it takes money to help the burn patients and their families complete their recovery and help them once again become a vital part of our communities.

The Joesph M. Still Burn Center at Central Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, Mississippi opened in 2008 at the Crossroads River Oaks Hospital in Brandon, Mississippi. Since that time, and a move to a new home, many burn patients have been able to recieve care in Mississippi. Prior to thie, it was necessary for them to travel to out-or-state care centers. The Center has continued to experience growth and to allow for further care of burn victims.

The Mississippi Burn Foundation provides supplies, medications and travel assistance for burn patient's recovery; regardless of their ability to pay. The need for assistance contiunes after teh burn patients is released from the hospital; and some of these expenses are not covered. Many are not covered by Medicare and Medicaid. Mississippi Burn Foundation subsidizes with financial aid for expenses not covered and the cost of travel forfollow-up outpatient visits.
If you or someone you love is severely burned, there is help.

A burn injury is devastating; physically, emotionally and financially. The effects are so far-reaching, that the burn victim's family members and other loved ones are intergral parts of the patients's treatment, healing and recovery.
That's why the Mississippi Burn Foundation exists.
If you need specialized supplies to insure recovery, we are here to help.
If you need costly medications for treatment and healing, we will help with expenses.
If you need assistance with the costs involved in traveling to and from the burn center while a burn victim is hospitalized, we will help cover those needs.
And, best of all, our services are available whether or not you can afford to pay.
Donations can be made directly to:  The Joseph M. Still Burn Center at CMMC
                                                       1850 Chadwick Drive
                                                        Jackson, MS 39479

Please support our Mississippi Burn Foundation. Reports of any donations should be sent to Dixie Ford at the above address or emailed to her here....email Dixie