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Serving as Patriotic Instructor is such an honor. Being allowed to carry our grand and glorious American Flag as we open and close the Auxiliary meeting is very special and inspires me each time I have the privilege.

Americanism and Patriotic Instructor are under the same program; so we will be working together to make it a successful year as we remember Patriotism Begins at Home.


WELCOME! We know that when you first join our Auxiliary it can be overwhelming. We want you to have this guide to help you learn about our Ritual and the meaning of the things we do. Please ask us if you have any questions. Thank you for becoming a part of our cause.: To aid and assist while we Support and Serve our Veterans.

During our Ritualistic meeting, the President will say "Salute" when the flags enter and leave the room, as well as when we say the Pledge of Allegiance and sing the national anthem. Salute the Flag by placing the palm of the right hand flat over the heart, or Military Salute (Women Veterans).

During Auxiliary meetings, the heart salute shall be used at all times where salute is used.

When the Flag is displayed AND the national anthem is played and/or sung, all present should Face the Flag and salute.

When the Flag is not displayed and the national anthem is played and/or sung, all present should face the music and salute.

Attention in the Ladies Auxiliary means hands at side, head up with eyes looking straight ahead.

The left foot is moved slightly to the side while bringing the arms to the small of the back. Clasp the left thumb in the right hand. The head is bowed slightly during the prayer.

One rap - Attention
Two raps - Arise
Three raps - Be seated

Members will not cross between the President's station and the altar except as the Ritual directs. This is considered sacred ground symbolizing where our comrades who have answered the final roll call are at rest

During floor work ceremonies, the Flags shall be borne at attention. When placing Flags, eagles shall face the assembly. Members should stand when the Flag(s) is moving.
The Color Bearers' Flags shall be held at attention with the right hand above on the flagstaff, left hand on a level with the right elbow with the left arm across the waist.

The Color Bearers carrying the Flags do not sing or recite the pledge to Flag. They always place the Flags in stands before sitting down. Stands must be placed at the right of the Color Bearers' chairs. While seated, Color Bearers shall sit at attention with feet on the floor.

When Officers (including Color Bearers, Flag Bearer and Banner Bearer) vacate their stations, but remain in the room, the chair does not have to be filled by another member.

The members will remain seated or stationary while the Chaplain opens and closes the Bible, provided the colors are not at the Alter.

An Auxiliary may offer to hold a Memorial Service for a deceased member by contacting family without waiting for a request from the family. Any part of the service that may conflict with any religious belief may be omitted or changed.

Officers should not read aloud the notes in the lightfaces type in the Ritual.

The Patriotic Instructor's Flag shall be placed on the floor level at all times and to the RIGHT of the presiding Officer, between the President's and Secretary's stations.

On entering the meeting room after the Auxiliary is in session, members will show their membership care to the Guard and proceed directly to a seat. The Guard never leaves her position at the door while the Auxiliary is in session, unless relieved by someone appointed by the presiding Officer to fill her station.

All remarks must be addressed to the President and not by one member to another, A member wishing to address the President, will rise and say "Madam President", but shall not speak further until she has been recognized by the President.

Making motions is your right as a member. To make a motion, the member should stand and be recognized them proceed with "I move..."

When the Secretary calls the roll, Officers will stand when their name is called and remain standing until roll call is completed.

The POW/MIA flag may be posted prior to the meeting. If posting, this flag is placed to the right of the American Flag.

Dixie Ford

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